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A path to wellness...


Come into a relaxing atmosphere setup just for you...

Relax Restore Rejunivate

I look forward to your health and relaxation restored...


Peace and balance...

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Relax and Restore
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Testimonials of the service

  1. Jim Plummer, MBA, Ph.D.
  2. Meilan Akaka
  3. Christopher Pickel
  4. Stephanie Schaardt
  5. Ron Gibson

Jim Plummer, MBA, Ph.D.

  • I have used Stephanie for 16 years and know that she is far superior in massage than any other therapist that I have ever used.

    I am 74 years old and always have new and mysterious aches and pains. Stephanie really listens to my descriptions of what is bothering me and then tries out various modalities to respond to the particular problem.

    Her studio is centrally located and she is flexible in scheduling.

    I highly recommend her services.

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Meilan Akaka

  • I have been seeing Steph for massage therapy treatments for nearly two years. I began seeing her for medical massage treatments after my back was injured from a minor car accident. While I initially received treatment from another massage therapist, after Steph filled in for him once, I could immediately tell the difference in quality, attention, and speed of my recovery and switched to her care permanently. She honored my insurance coverage for the accident, and although my back is fine now (thanks to her consistently excellent treatment), I still see her occasionally as a treat.

    Most recently, she provided a great couples massage experience - even though I needed to reschedule at the last minute, she coordinated seamlessly and again, provided excellent care.

    The ambiance is pleasant, her studio is clean and comfortable, the location is convenient and parking is easy. I always set up appointments via text/call, but have also used email and Steph always responds promptly. I've tried many massages at other venues (previously through groupon/living social), but I can tell the difference in quality and will continue to choose and recommend Steph in a heartbeat!

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Christopher Pickel

  • Stephanie has been my massage therapist for the past 5 years.I’ve been through more than a handful of so called masseuses and been very fortunate to been referred to Stephanie by a friend.My first visit with her and I knew she had the skills and knowledge of a seasoned massage therapist.I’m a 50 plus year old surfer and after multiple days of surfing 5-6 hours she is able to “put me back together” so I don’t miss any days out of the water.Also I had a head on collision with a another vehicle, on my way to the North Shore,this January.Suffered a bad whiplash to my neck.With aggressive treatment by a chiropractor and Stephanie I was able to get back into the water to surf by the end of February.She has been very instrumental at my age to maintain an active lifestyle.

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Stephanie Schaardt

  • I've been going to Steph for massage for almost 10 years now. Her therapeutic massage style helped me recover through a serious car accident where I had sustained major injuries and seeing her on a regular basis tremendously helped with the pain I had throughout my shoulder, neck and back. Steph also gives a great relaxing massage, and I would always look forward to seeing her to get rid of the stress and tension from working long hours on a computer. She was willing to do house calls, which was extremely convenient for me and my husband - particularly during my pregnancy, her prenatal massage was the *best* and I am so grateful to her for being there to help me relax throughout this special time. Steph's versatility and extensive experience in different massage styles makes for the best massage you will find, and she always had the extraordinary ability to find the trouble spots and work through them. Unlike others I had been to, Steph's massage left me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and pain-free for days and even weeks at a time! She really has the gift to heal others and I am lucky to have found her.

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Ron Gibson

  • I am pleased to recommend Stephanie Anderson. She has been our personal masseuse for many years. As a music producer stress is a part of what I do, producing concerts for megastars like Neil Diamond, Santana, Bob Dylan and a host of others, I treasure the time that I'm able to receive such a magnificent massage from Stephanie. Now I am recommending her to you.

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